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Asking Questions of Lots of Text with Weka

Adrian Hamins-Puertolas and Adam Elrafei are students in Team POLITIC, an undergraduate research team in the University of Maryland’s GEMSTONE honors research-focused honors college, mentored by MITH Faculty Fellow Peter Mallios. Our undergraduate…continue reading

Shared Horizons Update

I am delighted to announce that David B. Searls will be joining us as the featured keynote for the Shared Horizons symposia. David was a Senior Vice President at GlaxoSmithKline, where he led the bioinformatics group for 13 years. He is now an…continue reading

Digital Curation Workstation

A few weeks ago I began putting together MITH’s new digital curation workstation. The primary reason for the workstation was to build a testbed for the BitCurator environment, an open source suite of digital forensics (DF) tools that have been…continue reading

Answering the Mail: Digital Mishnah Project Update

I had promised to respond to comments on the Digital Mishnah demo, so, at long last, here goes. Request for greater highlighting of collation options (Tim Finney). In fact, CollateX has several alignment methods built into libraries that can be…continue reading

An Early Look at the BitCurator Environment

Roughly one year ago members of the BitCurator Professional Experts Panel (PEP) met at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) to help further refine the scope and priorities of the BitCurator project, and ensure that our…continue reading

An Undergraduate View of Data Mining with WEKA

Manpreet Khural is an undergraduate member of the Gemstone POLITIC undergraduate research team, led by MITH Faculty Fellow Peter Mallios. As we, Team POLITIC of Gemstone, make progress in the effort of utilizing data mining tools such as Weka, it…continue reading

Announcing the Shared Horizons CFP

Shared Horizons solicits applications to attend this two-day National Endowment for the Humanities-funded Symposium **Date: **Wednesday, April 10- Friday, April 12, 2013 **Location: **University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland USA **Applications…continue reading

Upcoming Topic Modeling for Humanities Research workshop

In preparation for MITH's NEH-funded Topic Modeling for Humanities Research workshop, which is just over a week away, we'd like to highlight some resources associated with the workshop—as well as some of the recent conversations we've been following…continue reading

Preserving Virtual SNES Games

I had originally planned to use this post to log my adventures in desoldering the CPU from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), but, alas, the campus couriers are holding the all-important solder sucker hostage. Instead, I'll talk a little bit…continue reading

Drowning in Texts

The comments on the Digital Mishnah demo deserve a full response (although the short response is: thank you and, in almost all cases, I agree). However, for this post I want to report on progress in getting and identifying texts for the extended demo…continue reading

Dan Cohen and More Speak at MITH's Reception

On Wednesday, September 5th, MITH invited friends and colleagues present and past to help us celebrate our move to a new, sunlit space. Director of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) Dan Cohen gave the keynote, highlighting…continue reading

Testudo takes over the MITH Dedication Celebration

Yesterday (September 5th), we celebrated the dedication of our new space in Hornbake Library. Celebrating with us was a very special guest: Testudo! Below you will find a gallery of attendee portraits with Testudo, as well as a picture of the beloved…continue reading

Digital Mishnah: Live Demo

I am pleased to say that with a lot of work on a lot of people’s part, there is now a live demo of the Digital Mishnah Project. The demo is just that: a demonstration of possible functionalities.This post will outline some of the features that were…continue reading

Please Join Us! The dedication of the new MITH home

We would like to invite all former staff, fellows, project affiliates, and partners to join us to celebrate the dedication of our new campus home. Held September 5th from 3:30-5pm, the dedication event will celebrate the many years of success we've…continue reading

MITH Demonstrates Video Annotation at OAC Meeting

MITH has been involved in the Open Annotation Collaboration for a couple of years now, helping develop a standard way to express annotations on the web using linked data principles. Last week, several in the OAC community met in Chicago to show a…continue reading