I am delighted to announce that David B. Searls will be joining us as the featured keynote for the Shared Horizons symposia.

David was a Senior Vice President at GlaxoSmithKline, where he led the bioinformatics group for 13 years. He is now an independent consultant and serves on a number of scientific advisory boards. He holds an adjunct appointment at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, where he was formerly Research Associate Professor of Genetics.

He received undergraduate degrees in Life Sciences and Philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, a Ph.D. in biology from the Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA, and an MSE in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania. His research interests include systems biology, macromolecular linguistics and data integration. For more information including a list of recent publications, please visit his academic homepage.

We are pleased to welcome David as a key contributor to this event.