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Archive of Emotion

Often in working on a project, we tend to focus on the series of day-to-day tasks and the minutiae and forget the greater issues and implications inherent in what you are doing. What I appreciate about these blog posts is that they give us space to…continue reading

Small Projects & Limited Datasets

I've been thinking a lot lately about the significance of small projects in an increasingly large-scale DH environment. We seem almost inherently to know the value of "big data:" scale changes the name of the game. Still, what about the smaller…continue reading

Update: Server Maintenance This Weekend

The University will be performing maintenance on our web servers this coming weekend (31 March). This should not affect any web sites on our servers, but such maintenance has caused problems in the past for a small set of older sites. If after this…continue reading

Progress, real but in small steps

I had been holding out for my next post for a new Digital Mishnah website, courtesy of MITH, and a new collation demo hosted on it, but, that will be for my next post, deo volente. Since my last confession, I have: Submitted a paper that details…continue reading

Announcing MITH’s Newly Launched Website!

MITH is excited to announce the release of the newest iteration of our website. As you browse through the site, you will see revised content and a fresh design that we hope will make it easier for you to navigate through our projects, staff pages…continue reading

My Dissertation in the Year 2112

I am defending my dissertation this semester. When I have successfully completed this task, I will be required by the University of Maryland to submit a copy of it to be held in perpetuity by the university's library system. In fact, just about…continue reading

Chasing the Great Data Whale

The first thing you hear, or at least that you should hear, when you present an idea for a digital humanities project to someone already familiar with the field is this: "That's great! What does your data set look like?" Actually, that's the reaction…continue reading

MITH Faculty Fellow Carla Peterson in the News

In celebration of Black History Month, this week the University of Maryland is profiling Carla Peterson, professor of English and MITH Faculty Fellow, on her research project, Black Gotham Archive. In "Online Archive to Share Stories of 19th Century…continue reading

Open Water

It's been an interesting couple of weeks at the Foreign Literatures in America project, as we've really begun to set sail as concerns both the Russian literary reception archive and the Modern British literary archive. Though the projects are large…continue reading

Reports from GLAM Camp

MITH's strategic mission, as stated on the About MITH page, is to be the "University’s . Put another way, a local center for all things related to digital knowledge in the humanities. This means that we go out and spread out expertise in development…continue reading

Extremely Visible and Incredibly Close Reading of Logos

The Foreign Literatures in America (FLA) project’s intellectual goals present a graphic design challenge marked by a delicate balance. We’re creating an archive that will demonstrate how the idea of Americanness has been shaped by actors beyond those…continue reading

The DLC is Back!

The Deena Larsen Collection (DLC) is back up and running. Thank you for your patience while we fixed the website.continue reading


I ended my last blog entry with the suggestion that one possible virtue of virtuality might be that a digital archive inverts the book's relationship between word and image (in the case of Black Gotham, portraits of people as well as depictions of…continue reading

Spring MITH Monitor Hot Off the Press!

A new semester has begun here at the Maryland Institute of Technology for the Humanities (MITH). With it brings news of collaborative projects, successful workshops we’ve attended and hosted, and the fun always had in the daily life of MITH. The MITH…continue reading