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MITH currently offers five major areas for collaborative research, education, preservation, and programming for the digital humanities:

Project Development

MITH staff work with faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students across the UMD system to conceptualize, design, and manage their research in digital humanities. This includes support in writing project materials, seeking funding, and managing awarded projects.

Technological Research Expertise

MITH staff provide faculty, staff, and students access to expertise in a variety of digital humanities areas including, but not limited to: text and image analytics for cultural heritage collections, data curation, digital preservation, linked data applications and data publishing. From custom-built solutions to open-source packages, MITH staff guides partners to the appropriate technical platforms for their research.

Education and Training

MITH offers opportunities in digital humanities education and training including conferences, lectures, workshops, and weekly seminars in addition to employment opportunities. MITH offers annual, grant-funded, and internship positions for Undergraduate and Graduate Students interested in digital humanities research.

Collaborative Engagement

MITH works with scholars to identity the appropriate partners for their projects and to engage in best practices within the field.

Computational Resources

MITH provides scholars with access to computational resources for digital humanities research and development.

What do I need to get started in the Digital Humanities?

All scholars need is a research idea and a passion for innovation. Innovative Digital Humanities methodologies and tools offer the opportunity for scholars interested in interdisciplinary research to ask new and different kinds of questions. MITH can help you explore your chosen area of interest.

How do you get involved with MITH?

To get involved with the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, please email mith@umd.edu or tweet us @UMD_MITH.