Announcing tilegen!

The TILE team is pleased to announce tilegen, a Firefox extension for automatically tiling large images for use in deep zoom programs such as OpenLayers.

This extension now creates Tiles in a Tile Mapping Services (TMS) fashion. For more on the TMS specifications, we recommend viewing the OSGeo Wiki page for TMS at:

In short, PNG files of the individual tiles will be stored in the form: “ / 1.0.0 / / zoom_level / x_index / y_index + .png” Where: 0 is the zoom level at LOWEST resolution and x=0 and y= are the top corners of the image.

You can install this plugin by double clicking below, or dragging it onto the Firefox browser. The source code is available by renaming the xpi extension to zip and then unzipping the file.

Download tilegen.

Disclaimer: MITH is not responsible for the irresponsible use of this code, or for any injuries to people or properties which result from its use.

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