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We are excited to welcome Clay Templeton and Sayan Bhattacharyya as graduate interns in residence at MITH for six weeks this summer. Clay is currently a third year doctoral candidate in the University of Maryland’s iSchool. Sayan is a first year master’s student in the University of Michigan’s School of Information, and holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and a master’s degree in Computer Science (both earned at Michigan). Clay and Sayan are assisting R&D Software Developer Travis Brown with work on the Woodchipper, an application that was built at a Project Bamboo Corpora Space workshop at MITH earlier this year, and that uses topic modeling to enable scholars to visualize and explore large text collections. The internship is allowing Clay and Sayan to develop expertise in cutting-edge natural language processing methods, to brush up on their coding skills, and to explore a range of questions and challenges at the intersection of humanities and computing. Please stay tuned to the MITH blog for upcoming posts by Clay and Sayan that will give further insight into their ongoing work and individual research interests.

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