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ProDOS, later termed ProDOS 8 to distinguish the software from ProDOS 16, was the successor operating system to Apple DOS.

ProDOS added filesystem affordances such as support for subdirectories and file created/modified dates, along with other…

CP/M 2.2 is the operating system for the Osborne 1. It consists of a basic input/output system, a basic disk operating system (BDOS) and a console command processor (CCP).

The System Saver provided a fan and surge protection to the Apple IIe.

Apple DOS was the disk operating system for Apple II systems, handling read and write operations for floppy diskettes. It was designed to work with Applesoft BASIC.

The 5" monochrome CRT display for the Osborne 1. The screen displayed 52 characters in 24 rows. However the display could present 128 characters at a time; the user needed to use the cursor keys to display characters beyond the current 52 onscreen.

The two internal, single sided 5¼-inch floppy disk drives for the Osborne 1, located on the left and right sides of the CRT display.

Osborne advertised the drives as holding 102 KB each.

The motherboard for the Apple IIc, Revision 3. This revision adds a 34-Pin memory card expansion slot, and contains Revision 3 of the ROM firmware. The revision is also termed Memory Expansion Apple IIc.

Manufacture dates for this revision were…

Wrench, screws, nut plates and assorted assembling parts for the Apple IIe computer.

Internal power supply for the Apple IIe.

An RCA connector, likely used for connecting Apple II computers to monitor.

This joystick typically connects to the IIe or IIc systems through a 9-Pin connector.

The power adapter for the Apple IIc computer.