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7 Apr 2014

Digital Humanities Incubator (2013 – 14)

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The Digital Humanities Incubator is a collaboration between MITH and the University Libraries intended to help introduce University of Maryland faculty, staff, and graduate assistants to digital humanities through a series of workshops, tutorials, “office hours,” and project consultations.

15 Oct 2012

Amanda French: “Sheesh, What’s With All the THATCamps?”

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THATCamps (The Humanities And Technology Camp) are a rapidly growing set of user-generated unconferences for technologists and humanities professionals. THATCamps are Collaborative: Everyone participates, including in the task of setting an agenda or program. Informal: There are no lengthy proposals, papers, presentations, or product demos. The emphasis is on productive, collegial work or free-form discussion.

20 Oct 2009

If/Then 101: Teaching Programming at Maryland

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How is programming taught at the University of Maryland? Are there any substantive difference in the way faculty and staff in different departments communicate the core ideas of the practice? This round table discussion will gather members of the campus community from different disciplines and colleges to publicly compare notes and discover whether there are