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17 Jul 2017

Musical Theatre Studies Blog

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In 2007, MITH worked with former Associate Director Doug Reside to develop and host an online blog called Musical Theatre Studies, an online hub for news and discussion relating to the academic study of musical theatre which featured calls for papers, academic job opportunities, book reviews, and other news items of interest to the musical theatre scholarly community. The blog was maintained sporadically until 2009, and MITH now maintains it as a legacy website. 

2 Jul 2015

Digital Theatre

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This was a Spring 2007 MITH Winnemore Digital Dissertation Fellowship project of Nadja Masura. Her dissertation, “Digital Theatre,” examined the ways that digital technology–such as animation, video, motion capture/sensing, and internet broadcasting–when used along with “live” co-present actors, expands our ideas of body, place, and community.

9 Feb 2012

Emily Dickinson: Technology and Mythobiography

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This was a 2001 Faculty Fellowship project of Professor Carol Burbank from the Department of Theatre. Employing two different models of performative technology, a series of interactive templates for student experiments in writing, and a web collage or performance “fugue,” Dr. Burbank explored the way pastiche and narrative function within a technological frame.

9 Feb 2012

Beckett Directs Beckett

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Photographs, video clips, and other media documenting the 1985 television productions of Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" and "Krapp's Last Tape".

7 Feb 2012

Collaborative Ajax-Based Modeling Platform

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CAMP stands for 'Collaborative, Ajax-Based, Modeling Platform.' As the name suggests, this tool is an open source, collaborative, 3-dimensional modeler that allows users with very little experience to generate a 3-dimensional model in their web browser which they can then allow other users to both view and edit. The tool was initially used to construct an international database of pre-nineteenth century theater buildings, but was designed to be intentionally generic so that scholars interested in structures of any sort could easily port it into their own projects.

7 Feb 2012

Music Theatre Online

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Music Theatre Online, based at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, is a digital archive of texts, images, video, and audio files relating to musical theater. The best printed editions of musical theater texts cannot fully provide the experience of simultaneous expression of verbal, musical, and terpsichorean languages so necessary to fully understand the art form. Using the multimedia capabilities of the modern web browser, we created a better framework for studying these important works of drama.

7 Feb 2012

Theatre Finder

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Theatre Finder is a collaboratively edited, peer reviewed, online database of historic theatre architecture from the Minoan “theatrical areas” on the island of Crete, to the last theatre built before 1815.

7 Feb 2012

Visual Accent and Dialect Archive (VADA)

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The Visual Accent & Dialect Archive (VADA) is an archive of video clips from around the world, providing both aural and visual information about a dialect or accent. Other academic speech/accent libraries and archives on the web offer only the aural aspect of learning an accent.