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13 Nov 2017

Music Encoding Conference

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Music encoding is a critical component of the emerging fields of digital musicology, digital editions, symbolic music information retrieval, and others. At the centre of these fields, the Music Encoding Conference has emerged as an important cross-disciplinary venue for theorists, musicologists, librarians, and technologists to meet and discuss new advances in their fields. The theme of the 2018 Music Encoding Conference is “Encoding and Performance," and will explore the relationship between music encoding and performance practice.

17 Jul 2017

Musical Theatre Studies Blog

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In 2007, MITH worked with former Associate Director Doug Reside to develop and host an online blog called Musical Theatre Studies, an online hub for news and discussion relating to the academic study of musical theatre which featured calls for papers, academic job opportunities, book reviews, and other news items of interest to the musical theatre scholarly community. The blog was maintained sporadically until 2009, and MITH now maintains it as a legacy website. 

27 Feb 2017

Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass (CRIM)

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Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass (CRIM) will extend the idea of the quotable text for music in an innovative and open way. The focal point of our inquiry is the so-called “imitation” Mass, a Renaissance musical genre notable for the ways in which its composers derived new, large-scale works from pre-existing ones.

8 Jul 2015


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In Fall 2000, the University of Maryland School of Music voted unanimously to begin offering its Masters of Ethnomusicology program in a combined residential/online program with the goal of targeting students in Latin America and Spain through courses taught primarily in Spanish. Former MITH Faculty Fellow Carolina Robertson, who eventually worked on the Narratives That Heal project, collaborated with MITH on the development of the online learning environment for this Distributed Learning Masters, making Spain/Online an early 'MITH Affiliate.' 

2 Jul 2015

Digital Theatre

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This was a Spring 2007 MITH Winnemore Digital Dissertation Fellowship project of Nadja Masura. Her dissertation, “Digital Theatre,” examined the ways that digital technology–such as animation, video, motion capture/sensing, and internet broadcasting–when used along with “live” co-present actors, expands our ideas of body, place, and community.