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12 Nov 2015

Infinite Ulysses

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Infinite Ulysses was the 2014-15 Winnemore Digital Dissertation project of Amanda Visconti, who created a participatory digital edition of James Joyce's difficult but rewarding novel Ulysses. This project built on her master's thesis work at the University of Michigan School of Information, where she explored user testing for the digital humanities, and how digital archives and editions might be designed to include a public audience.

7 Feb 2012

Foreign Literatures in America

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Foreign Literatures in America (FLA) is a project devoted to the recovery and understanding of the significance of foreign authored literary works, as well as immigrant authored literary works, in the U.S. throughout U.S. history. FLA pursues this goal by offering various means of studying the reception of foreign and immigrant authored literary works in the U.S., in interdisciplinary terms that encompass literature, culture, politics, history, and international relations.