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18 Apr 2014

Transforming The Afro-Caribbean World

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The University of Maryland’s Center for the History of the New America (CHNA) has partnered with MITH to develop the Transforming the Afro-Caribbean World (TAW) project to bring together scholars of the Panama Canal, Afro-Caribbean history, and experts in the digital humanities, data modeling, and visualization for a two-day planning workshop that will discuss a large-scale effort to explore Afro-Caribbean labor, migration, and the Panama Canal.

10 Feb 2012

Soweto `76, A Living Digital Archive

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The goal of Soweto '76 is to provide users with virtual access to the history of Soweto, a Black township outside Johannesburg, so that they may experience a significant period in South Africa's history. Using existing oral histories, testimonies, photographs, video footage, material objects, and sound recordings in the collections of the Hector Pieterson Memorial & Museum, the work seeks to redress the existing portrayal of the lives of township residents in the mainstream or "official" historical record.

10 Feb 2012

Saraka and Nation

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Concerned, thematically, with postcolonial cultural formations, and in particular the experience of the African Diaspora, the Saraka and Nation project traces connections between cultures of Africans in the Americas and sites of memory in Africa.

10 Feb 2012

Narratives That Heal

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This was a 2002 Faculty Fellowship project of Professor Carolina Robertson from the Ethnomusicology Department. Based on the core premise that creativity is not necessarily a state of grace rooted in innate talent or skill, a series of seminars were offered through the University's 'Teachers as Scholars' program, in which teacher participants explored their own life narratives as doorways to creativity against a backdrop of parallel stories from other cultures. Dr. Robertson worked with a MITH programmer to develop an interactive website with malleable texts, sounds and images as the dynamic outcome of this process.

10 Feb 2012

Mapping the Missions: The Jesuit-Guaraní Republic, 1754-2000

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Daryle Williams, Associate Professor of History, worked with MITH on an interactive digital historical atlas of the Jesuit-Guaraní missions (located in the Paraná-Uruguay watershed, along the borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay). Making use of text encoding, image mapping, and interactive media technology, the atlas explores the missions' evolution from remote colonial-era missionary settlements to UNESCO World Heritage sites. A parallel objective is the integration of textual and visual sources in humanistic scholarship.

7 Feb 2012

Digital Mishnah

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Digital Mishnah will create a digital edition of the Mishnah, a Jewish legal treatise from roughly 200 CE.

7 Feb 2012

Our Americas Archive Partnership

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The Our Americas Archive Partnership is a collaboration between MITH's Early Americas Digital Archive and Rice University's Americas Archive, Rice's Humanities Research Center, Rice's Fondren Library and the library at Instituto Mora in Mexico. Its goal is to make digitally available texts written in or about the Americas that represent the full range and complexity of a multilingual "Americas" including Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

7 Feb 2012

Steinschneider Bibliographic Database

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The Steinschneider Bibliographic Database is a digitized relational database for the study of pre-modern Jewish philosophy, science, and belles-lettres, based on the standard reference-work, Die Hebraeischen Ubersetzungen des Mittelalters und dir Juden als Dolmetscher (The Hebrew Translations of the Middle Ages and the Jews as Interpreters, henceforth HU).

2 Feb 2012

Archimedes Palimpsest

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This thirteenth century prayer book contains erased texts that were written several centuries earlier, including two treatises by Archimedes that can be found nowhere else, The Method and Stomachion. MITH worked with the Walters Art Museum to develop an interactive interface for the detailed study of this manuscript.

11 Nov 2009

From the First Year Through Tenure: New Pathways for Humanities in a Digital Age

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Classical studies offers one particular, but potentially powerful, window onto possibilities for the humanities. A growing, international body of classicists are dedicated not simply to creating digital tools but to reimagining the field against the opportunities and challenges of the digital world in which we already live. On the one hand, we are beginning to