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16 Feb 2016

Introducing Documenting the Now

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A few weeks ago MITH announced that it will be partnering with Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) and the University of California at Riverside (UCR) on a new project called Documenting the Now. Documenting the Now is aimed at accomplishing two different, but deeply interrelated goals. The first is to develop an open source

5 Oct 2015

Personal Digital Archiving 2013

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PDA provides a two-day-long opportunity for researchers and practitioners in the field of personal archiving to convene for presentations and networking. The conference supports a broad community of practitioners working to ensure long term access for various personal collections and archives.

27 Sep 2015

API Workshop

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During February 2011, MITH hosted a workshop on developing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for the Digital Humanities. The workshop gathered 60 digital humanities scholars, developers, and industry leaders to demonstrate their APIs during this "working weekend."

26 Jul 2012

Digital Humanities Data Curation

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The Digital Humanities Data Curation Institutes project facilitated a multi-institutional collaboration to provide three workshops on data curation in the humanities.

13 Oct 2009

An Abundant Humanities Library

By | 2016-08-10T15:27:34+00:00 Tue, Oct 13, 2009|Dialogue, Digital Dialogues|

One of the most exciting and potentially transformative aspects of digital humanities is an inflection from dealing with scarcity to dealing with abundance. Traditionally, humanities libraries have been defined by their emphasis on rare materials or special collections. What are the implications of having an abundant humanities library? As a greater amount of these materials

4 Mar 2008

Making Culture Virtual: Recent 3D Modeling Projects at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

By | 2016-08-10T17:12:07+00:00 Tue, Mar 4, 2008|Dialogue, Digital Dialogues|

This talk will discuss methodologies and technologies used to digitize 3D cultural property such as pottery, statues, buildings and even entire cities. Current projects at IATH will be used as examples, including Virtual Williamsburg, the Digital Forma Urbis Project, and Rome Reborn. In the conclusion, new directions and challenges in this field will be discussed,

10 Apr 2007

Developing Digital Curation Policies in a Local Context

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As the sheer volume and complexity of digital objects expands, content creators and data managers have come to see the need for governing policies that encompass more than just archiving and preservation issues. The concept of "digital curation" encompasses both archiving and preservation but stresses a holistic lifecycle management approach to creating, selecting and maintaining