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20 Sep 2015

James English Digital Dialogue

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Scholars of contemporary fiction face special challenges in making the turn toward digitized corpora and empirical method. Their field is one of exceptionally large and uncertain scale, subject to ongoing transformation and dispute, and shrouded in copyright. I will present one possible way forward, based on my work for a special issue of Modern Language

23 Mar 2015

Paul Jaskot Digital Dialogue

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Please note that this Digital Dialogue is a special co-sponsored talk in conjunction the Art History & Archaeology Department, and occurs on a different weekday and location. The Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture is located in Room 4213 of the Art and Sociology Building. The Central Building Office at Auschwitz

23 Feb 2015

Mauricio Giraldo Digital Dialogue

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I'm currently an interaction designer at NYPL Labs, The New York Public Library’s digital innovation unit. One of our latest projects is Building Inspector, a tool to extract data from historic insurance atlases through a combination of computational (vectorization, computer vision, alpha shapes) and human (crowdsourcing, game design concepts) processes. This talk will provide an insight

2 Nov 2012

Announcing the Shared Horizons CFP

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Shared Horizons solicits applications to attend this two-day National Endowment for the Humanities-funded Symposium Date: Wednesday, April 10- Friday, April 12, 2013 Location: University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland USA Applications Due: December 15, 2012 (please note the revised deadline) The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), working in cooperation with the Office

13 Oct 2009

An Abundant Humanities Library

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One of the most exciting and potentially transformative aspects of digital humanities is an inflection from dealing with scarcity to dealing with abundance. Traditionally, humanities libraries have been defined by their emphasis on rare materials or special collections. What are the implications of having an abundant humanities library? As a greater amount of these materials

5 Dec 2006

The Digital Docket: Information Retrieval Meets Political Science

By | 2016-09-02T17:05:01+00:00 Tue, Dec 5, 2006|Dialogue, Digital Dialogues|

Previous research of judicial systems has faced a trade-off between large scale quantitative inquiries focused on readily-counted behaviors, and smaller studies that allow closer examination of legal texts. I will talk about the Digital Docket project, an NSF-funded collaboration between University of Maryland's Government and Politics Department and the College of Information Studies, which aims