TILE directors begin blogging

Last week, the TILE team held their six month project meeting in Bloomington, Indiana.  At this meeting we further refined the scope of the project and have agreed to deliver the following tools by July of 2010:

  • A extension of the image markup features of the Ajax XML Encoder (AXE).  The extension will feature a newly designed, more user-friendly web interface and will permit editors to link regions of any shape to tags selected from a metadata schema supplied by the editor.  Additionally, editors will be able to link non-contiguous regions and specify the relationship between the two regions.
  • A automated region recognizing plugin for AXE that can be modified to recognize regions of any type but which will initially be designed to identify all of the text lines in an image of horizontally-oriented text.
  • A jQuery plugin that permits text annotation of an HTML document.

Also, in order to better communicate the work of the project with our partners as well as the larger digital humanities community, we have decided to blog weekly about some important issue relating to the project or text & image linking in particular.  This week, I (Doug Reside) will post a series of articles about a new, structural model for multimodal editions.  We welcome your feedback.

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