Textual Embodiments: 2017 Society for Textual Scholarship Conference

In May 2017, MITH and the African American Digital Humanities Initiative (AADHum) are hosting "Textual Embodiments," the Society for Textual Scholarship's 2017 International Interdisciplinary Conference. The conference theme is "Textual Embodiments," broadly construed. With this theme we will engage a range of issues involving the materiality of texts, including their physical, virtual, or performative manifestations as objects that can decay or break down and can potentially be repaired and sustained over time. It also concerns the processes of inclusion and exclusion through which bodies of texts take shape in the form of editions, archives, collections, and exhibition building, as well as the ethical responsibilities faced by textual scholars, archivists, conservationists, media archaeologists, digital resource creators, and cultural heritage professionals engaging in these processes. Call for Papers (due March 6, 2017) -- CFP Closed