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This was a project of a group of Networked Associate Fellowships awarded to three English graduate students: Helen L. Hull, Meg F. Pearson, and Erin A. Sadlack. The goal was to construct a significant scholarly online resource for studying John Milton’s A Maske, familiarly known as Comus. The choice of this particular work was made due to its various interpretations and forms (text, hypertext, pictoral and musical). The site consists of four core content sections: a textual archive, multimedia representations, critical essays, and a bibliography.

The project was also sponsored by Dr. Sharon Achinstein as an independent study, and assisted by MITH consultants George Williams and Jason Rhody. Eric White and Chris Bowling provided image scanning and digital image editing work for the project as well.


Sep 2000| Director: Helen Hull, Meg Pearson, Erin Sadlack| Topics: , |