Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass (CRIM)

Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass (CRIM) will extend the idea of the quotable text for music in an innovative and open way. The focal point of our inquiry is the so-called "imitation" Mass, a Renaissance musical genre notable for the ways in which its composers derived new, large-scale works from pre-existing ones. This rich weave of relationships seems particularly suited to the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) XML standard that serves as the basis of our digital editions, and for the enhanced capabilities of addressing scores with pinpoint accuracy developed during two recent projects supported by the NEH, The Lost Voices Project (2010--2014) and MITH's Enhancing Music Notation Addressability (2014--2015). We will extend addressability to various para-texts that give meaning to the musical citations themselves via a participatory multi-author publication system using Linked Open Data technologies such as the Web Annotation Data Model and Nanopublications.