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David Rettenmaier is currently working with MITH to help prepare the manuscript images and metadata of Percy Shelley’s The Triumph of Life (along with notebook in which it appears) for publication in the Shelley-Godwin Archive. In addition, he is beginning work on TEI encoding for the project.

For several years, he has served as a Site Manager for Romantic Circles, a refereed scholarly Website devoted to Romantic-period literature and culture. During his tenure at RC, he has seen the site progress from a static HTML site to a dynamic, database driven site with an XML back end. Among his tasks at RC is to encode new peer-reviewed content in TEI-compliant XML. Also, in late 2013, he and the RC team launched a completely revamped Romantic Circles built on the Drupal CMS. The integration of a semantic encoding system like the TEI with the database architecture of the new Romantic Circles is his greatest interest of late.

David holds a master’s degree in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo and has been working toward a PhD in English at the University of Maryland. His primary research interest is in nineteenth-century women writers and conceptions of historiography in their works.