Jeffrey Moro

Headshot of Jeffrey Moro

Jeffrey Moro is a PhD candidate in English with a certificate in Digital Studies at the University of Maryland. His interdisciplinary research explores how media technologies facilitate our cultural understanding of the natural world. He works as a research assistant with the African American History, Culture, and Digital Humanities (AADHum) Initiative at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, where he previously served as their Winnemore Digital Humanities Dissertation Fellow. His dissertation, “Atmospheric Media: Computation and the Environmental Imagination,” is a cultural study of atmospheric data, exploring the technologies that record it, the creative and critical uses to which it’s put, and its role in addressing our climate crisis. His writing has appeared in Media FieldsAmodernISLEQui Parle, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Past lives include work as site manager for Romantic Circles, a born-digital journal of Romantic Literature, and as Post-Baccalaureate Resident with Five College Digital Humanities. He holds BAs in English and Theater & Dance from Amherst College.