Alexis Lothian

Associate Professor of Women’s Studies + MITH Affiliate Associate Professor

Alexis Lothian is a interdisciplinary scholar of queer and feminist media and cultural studies with a focus on speculative fiction, digital media, and online fandom. She lives in the Washington, DC area and is a tenure track Assistant Professor of Women's Studies at University of Maryland College Park, where she teaches in the LGBT Studies program and the undergraduate honors program in Design | Culture and Creativity. Lothian is presently developing a book manuscript based on her PhD dissertation, "Deviant Futures: Speculative Fiction and Queer Time," while also working on what will become a second monograph on critical and social justice-oriented fan cultures and participating in collaborative work as part of the TransformDH collective. Read more on her research page. Lothian is also a participant in feminist science fiction and media fandom, with a specific interest in the ways fan communities engage in critical theorizing and activism (for example, through online discussion and fan video). She uses some of these forms in her own scholarly work, in addition to standard academic practices.