PapierCraft and Interactive Paper: A Digital Dialogue

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PapierCraft: A command system for interactive paper

Chunyuan Liao, doctoral candidate, Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction Lab

As users annotate printed documents and gather notes they create a rich web of annotations and cross references. Unfortunately, as paper is a static media, this web often gets trapped in the physical world.

To address these limitations, we propose PapierCraft, a gesture-based interface that allows users to manipulate digital documents directly using their printouts as proxies. Using a digital pen, users can annotate a printout or draw command gestures to indicate operations such as copying a document area, pasting an area previously copied, or creating a link. Upon pen synchronization, our infrastructure executes these commands and presents the result in a customized viewer. In this talk I will describe the design and implementation of the PapierCraft command system, and report on early user feedback.

Contact: Neil Fraistat, Acting Director, MITH (, 5-5896).

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