MITH is delighted to announce that Ed Summers will be joining us as Lead Developer beginning September 2.

For the Lead Developer role, MITH sought a candidate with excellent technical abilities and familiarity with the application domains of humanities research and cultural heritage, both areas in which we found a perfect match in Ed Summers. With 18 years of software development experience and positions in higher education, government and the private sector, he has worked successfully in collaborative environments with other developers as well designers, administrators, and project stakeholders.

Summers' qualifications and experience for this role are truly exceptional. In addition to his familiarity with the technologies that MITH normally relies on and his experience in the humanities, Summers understands the practical realities of software development for research, including most critically the importance of building strong relationships and working in teams. He has played a leading role in developing software for such major Library of Congress projects as the archiving of the Twitter archive as well as the development of the Chronicling of America project, which provides access to digitized historic newspapers. One of Summers' personal projects, congressedits, was recently featured in the New York Times as well as other major media outlets.

During preliminary talks with MITH, Summers offered a compelling vision of how software development aligns with the intellectual agendas of MITH and the wider digital humanities. His familiarity with the domains of humanities research and cultural heritage makes him a uniquely qualified developer, and we feel lucky to have him on our team. Please join us in welcoming Ed!

For more information, see Ed's staff page on our website, which contains links to his website and Twitter account.