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I am really excited to be part of MITH team and I am thankful to James Smith for selecting me to work on augmenting MITHgrid to make it more powerful and popular among developers. MITHgrid is a JavaScript framework for building data-oriented, event-driven browser applications. It is for building browser-based applications composed of a small core and a set of plugins.

I have been fascinated by Browsers and JavaScript from the start and have been working on it for quite some. JavaScript is a very powerful and dynamic language. It is one of the only few languages ever to get so much attention and investment (in terms of money, developer time). Browsers are becoming powerful everyday. Google and Mozilla have invested a lot in it and they speculate that most of activities the end users perform can be done on just a browser (remember Chromebook!). Firefox mobile OS apps are made natively through HTML5 and JS.

I have been developing single page web-apps for the a year now and with experience I can say its very easy to end up with spaghetti code. Concepts of test driven development, version control and a very robust JS framework are imperative for building scalable webapps. I am particularly excited about this GSoC because I will working on extending a JS framework which will expose me to low level nitigrities of JavaScript. MITHgrid places graphDB at the center which is a very promising approach to create framework for JavaScript.

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