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We are delighted to announce that MITH’s Winnemore Digital Dissertation Fellowships for spring 2007 have been awarded to Nadja Masura (Theatre) and Michael Evans (GVPT).

Nadja’s dissertation, “Digital Theatre,” examines the ways that digital technology–such as animation, video, motion capture/sensing, and internet broadcasting–when used along with “live” co-present actors, expands our ideas of body, place, and community. Michael’s dissertation, “Constitutional Regime Leadership in a World of States,” involves the use of digital technologies to analyze the public and private writings of Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton to better establish how their core beliefs about the nature and the causes of war and peace influenced their views on constitutional design.

We at MITH very much look forward to working with Nadja and Michael on these two interesting projects and wish to thank Roberta Lavine (Spanish and Portuguese), Angel Nieves (ARCH/CRGE), and last year’s Winnemore Dissertation Fellow, Michele Mason (Communication), for Joining us on this year’s Winnemore Fellowship Committee.

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