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From: Neil Fraistat, Director

To: MITH Community

Re: New Staff at MITH

I’m delighted to announce the addition of two key full-time staff members, who have joined MITH over the summer:

Cindy Woo, formerly the Business Manager for both the Art Gallery and the Center for Renaissance and Baroque Studies, is now serving MITH fulltime in that capacity. Cindy will be taking care of MITH’s business in the fullest sense of the word, helping to keep MITH functioning efficiently and smoothly. You’ll find her at the front desk when you visit MITH, or at the other end of the phone when you call. Please stop by and introduce yourself to her!

Doug Reside, who has recently defended his dissertation at the University of Kentucky, will be joining MITH as Assistant Director. As an undergraduate, Doug was a double major in Computer Science and English. His dissertation was a multimedia edition of the American musical, Parade, and while at Kentucky he worked on several humanities computing projects, including Kevin Kiernan’s celebrated Electronic Boethius. Doug brings to MITH strong skills as a programmer (notably Java and PHP) and as a working scholar in the Digital Humanities. He is very much looking forward to working closely with MITH Fellows, engaging in MITH’s in-house research, and becoming a vital member of the MITH community. Look for him beginning on September 25th. I’d like to give special thanks to the Search Committee, who worked so diligently and so well on this appointment: Matt Kirschenbaum (Chair), Kathy Cavanaugh, Patti Cossard, Greg Lord, and Bini Tecle.

In welcoming our two new staff members, I’d also like to thank publicly the two who have changed jobs over the summer. As many of you know, Carl Stahmer has returned for family reasons to San Diego, from where he is now operating actively as a Research Associate for MITH. Kevin Fries, who for the past three years has served so genially as MITH’s administrative assistant, is now a TA for the English Department. While we’ll miss their daily presence, both Carl and Kevin will still be active members of the MITH community.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at MITH this Fall! Neil

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