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MITH is currently inviting applications from the University of Maryland’s College of Arts & Humanities and from the University Libraries for a MITH Resident Fellowship during the 2007-2008 academic year.

Resident Fellowships offer customized programming and technical support, as well as server space, consultation on project design, project management, software selection, and other crucial components of any digital humanities project. Ideally, faculty MITH fellows will be relieved of teaching responsibilities during the fellowship period (half-time if they choose a year-long residence in MITH, full-time if they opt for a semester of residence). Prospective fellows are encouraged to apply to their units, to their Deans, or other sources to support course buy outs. Librarians will be relieved of the equivalent of half-time yearly teaching duties and should seek support from the Dean of Libraries.

Fellowships will be offered to professors and/or librarians developing their research, teaching, creative performances, and information studies work in ways that implement and productively exploit electronic resources, with preference given to those who have worked especially to integrate their scholarly or performance discoveries and methods into their pedagogy, mentoring, and library practices. Besides working on their proposed project, fellows are expected to present their work in MITH’s Digital Dialogue series and to become active members in the MITH community.

Those interested in applying for a MITH fellowship should contact Neil Fraistat, Director of MITH ( in order to formulate a strategy for a successful MITH residency. Further information about the MITH Resident Fellowship, as well as an application, can be found at

Applications are due by Friday, April 16.

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