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Day 3 of the barn-raising is underway. During the first two days of the project, Susan Brown and
James Chartrand came down from Canada to meet in person with the team from MITH. Hugh Cayless and Jon Deering joined us via Skype.

We began with a Skyped-in presentation by Dan McCreary (slides here) about the very interesting CKEditor-plugin, TEI-ann he and Claudius Teodorescu built for Joe Wicentowski at the U.S. State Department. The team then discussed the relative merits of an editor that hides the source (e.g. TEI-ann) or one like Oxygen that allows the user to see what she is doing. Split mostly down the middle, we decided to divide into two teams. One would extend the TEI-ann plugin to handle the full TEI-lite schema, the other would build a light-weight XML editor (which would expose the full XML source).

The teams are now working hard, but could use additional coding help if anyone wants to join us. You can email us at mith AT or join us on IRC at in the #teieditor room.

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