Hate does seem to be a Christian ideal..…


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Hate does seem to be a Christian ideal..…


Hate does seem to be a Christian ideal....

3rd federal court case seeks to block Mississippi LGBT law

A diverse group of gay, straight and transgender people have filed the third
federal court Challenge seeking to block a Mississippi law that lets Clerks Cite
religious beliefs to reouse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-
sex couples. The lawsuit filed Friday says House Bill 1523 violates the

separation of Church and state by favoring “certain narrow religious beliefs
that condemn same-sex couples who get married, condemn unmarried

people who have sexual relations and condemn transgender people.”

How many times do we have to do this? Your BELIEFS don't supersede my
RIGHTSH You just want to use your religious beliefs as an excuse to
deliberately harm others and have no consequences for doing so! You can
believe whatever you wish, but you cannot use those beliefs to deny me my



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