Well, as you know, schools are places of…


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Well, as you know, schools are places of…


Well, as you know, schools are places of learning and also miniature
societies. The school Climate has a direct impact on both how well students
learn and how well they interact with other people. More and more teachers
today understand the importance of socialization and try to make their Classes
more friendly where each student feels involved. But despite these efforts,
students who are LGBT continue to face a harsh reality....

May 24,25 Westboro baptist Church is planning to stand against tolerance in
education system near LGBT-friendly Lawrence High School. They want to
"remind this nation that the parents, students, teachers and staff of the high
schools celebrate disobedience to God's law." They are just inciting hate riots
and violence! Their right to protest infringes on others rights! Personally I
have had enough of those idiots. Someone should picket them (in return)!!
Any volunteers willing to help me drown out their voices of hatred?

Please, DM us for more information and we can stop their nonsense - to put
them on the right way!



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