Fellow Texans! It's time to say a strong…


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Fellow Texans! It's time to say a strong…


Fellow Texans! It's time to say a strong NO to the establishment robbers. It is
unacceptable for us to see them ruin all we've been building for decades. For
centuries. The establishment thinks they can treat us like stupid sheep but
they are wrong. We won’t put up with this anymore. The corrupt media does
not talk about the crimes committed by Killary Rotten Clinton, neither does it
mention the leaked emails but it would rather keep on kicking around some
outdated tapes featuring Trump. Even Republicans are now offering her a
victory by renouncing their nominee. What is this if not treason? No, no, no.
We are free Citizens of Texas and we’ve had enough of this Cheap show on
the screen. We're ready to prove our commitment to liberty, low taxes and
gun rights. If Trump wins, there will be a possibility to secede peacefully but
not without tension. What will happen if Hitlery becomes President? Higher
taxes to feed undocumented aliens. More refugees, mosques, and terrorist
attacks. Banned guns. Continuing economic depression. Let’s remind them
what Texas is made of and show that we’re ready to SECEDE!

Use our page to team up with other locals. Invite your friends and family,
spread the word and let's make this effort together! Get Ready to Secedel



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