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The law is the law. If I commit a crime, I will get ticketed or arrested. Why do
illegal aliens break the law, but our government harbors them? Illegals have
more benefits than those who shed their blood for America and our freedom.
It makes me…
This page is dedicated to protection against illegal immigrants!
For the first time in American history, the leading candidate for the Democrat
party is running on a platform that would prohibit the private ownership [or
outright confiscation] of firearms. As a candidate, Hillary has already stated
that the 2nd…
Every American’s right to bear arms is absolutely sacred, period. All the
liberal attacks on it are very worrying because the Amendment was not only
made for self defense — it is a nation’s ability to overthrow the tyranny. A
Government that doesn’t…
Unfortunately, the sudden death of the Supreme Court, Associate Justice
Antonin Scalia allows President Barack Obama to strengthen bases of his
tyranny, appointing a liberal candidate at the Supreme Court. We should not
allow him to put the judicial…
They came for the Children, but I had no small Children so I didn't stand up.
They came for the ranchers, but I'm not a rancher so I didn't stand up. They
came for the guns, but I don't have any guns so I didn't stand up. They came
after the people…
Join the Crusade against Federal tyranny! Protect the Constitution! -
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