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Fellow Texans! It's time to say a strong NO to the establishment robbers. It is
unacceptable for us to see them ruin all we've been building for decades. For
centuries. The establishment thinks they can treat us like stupid sheep but
they are wrong.…
The Supreme Court on Monday evening denied a Kentucky Clerk’s request to
keep enforcing her “no marriage licenses” policy — an attempt to avoid
issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples —…
Stop the hate! Don’t be stupid. don’t hate what you don’t understand!
Gay the force be with you: Star Wars soldier comes out

Hero soldier Sinjir Rath Velus comes out in a new novel, which is part of the
smash hit sci-fi franchise with arCh-baddie Darth Vader.

The space warrior appears in Star Wars: Aftermath, which…
Common ? normal - Heterosexuality is not normal, it is just common -

Catcalling is not normal, it is just common - Having long hair as a girl is not
normal, it is just common common ? normal
Vatican Says Transgender Man Cannot Become A Godparent

The Vatican has rejected a request by a transgender man in Spain to become
a godparent, ruling that his sexual identity means he is incapable of carrying
out the task.

Alex Salinas was asked by…
We speak for all fellow members of LGBT community across the nation.
Caitlyn accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards.

Caitlyn is amazing! It was her first public appearance since announcing her
decision to transition.

And her speech brought…
Oh God! Just remember: you know you're doing something right when all the
bigots and racist idiots are angry with you...

For decades, conservative Christians who oppose LGBT equality have
singled out the federal government or secular atheists as…
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