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“Of course, we all want to be remembered for the positive things we’ve done,

but the most lasting impact you can make is on individual people.” Two of the
six annual President’s Leadership Awards were given to students from the

Cockrell School of…
#NotMyPresident hashtag has become popular after the election that has
shaken the life of the Black Community. Many people feel the urge to share
their opinion on what happened. For those who would like to join the meetups
against Donald Trump as the…
8 August, 1974 Republican President Richard M. Nixon resigned. With
impeachment proceedings underway against him for his involvement in the
Watergate affair, Nixon was finally bowing to pressure from the public and
Congress to leave the White…
9/11: 14 years later. What were you doing?

14 years ago America has Changed forever. One of the darkest days in
American history came. The tragedy of September 11th is still touching us.
Some of us lost our family members or our friends, while…
A 21-year-old Oklahoma man was sentenced on Monday to 40 years in prison
for sexually assaulting orphaned Children while on a missionary trip in Kenya
in 2014. Matthew works at an orphanage built and run by an American Citizen
named Upendo Children…
A Fort Worth man broke into the State Capitol in Austin to deface a Civil War-
era portrait

Apparently, the man’s main goal was to destroy the portrait of former Texas
Governor Fletcher Stockdale. The man was arrested right in the Capitol…
A heavily armed Syed Farook, his wife and brother opened fire on a holiday
banquet for his co-workers Wednesday, killing 14 people and seriously
wounding more than a dozen others in a precision assault. Hours later, two
terrorists died in a shootout…
A message from Muslim American kids to all Citizens of the us .. is this how
we really want our kids to feel ?
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