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If you are Native, love and admire Native culture, join us! Native Americans
Join us to study your real history and get the power from your roots. Stay
woke and natural! Nefertiti's Community
That magic feeling when you rise up and remember that you are strong,
talented and Black.

#PanAfricanism #BlackNationalism #BlackEmpowerment
#AfricanEmpowerment #AfricanAndProud #BlaCkAndProud #BlackPride
#BlackPower #BlackLivesMatter…
We are honored to be the main and the biggest American Instagram
accountlFollow @instotus for the best patriotic imagery and US. latest news
exclusives. This is a community for everyone whose heart is with America.
Don't be a stranger, be a patriot!…
You can go to hell or follow @south_lone_star instead! Texas is where you
always want to be! We are Texans and we're not like the rest! Follow us! Lone
Star State Rebels (@south_lone_star) - Instagram photos and videos
Ohh..say no more! Fort Campbell says about 400 soldiers with the 101st
Airborne Division are deploying to Iraq this summer. And the soldiers from the

2nd Brigade Combat Team will deploy as part of an increase in authorized
troop levels in…
It’s strange that all the main stream media you read every day will tells you
that Hillary is an angel and you have no way but vote for her. But the fact still
remains the same. Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and the simple question to the
world and…
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