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15 young entrepreneurs, members of the Black Male Entrepreneurship

Institute walked into the bIaCk-owned Industrial bank and put their money

This is what black community should be doing. This need to continue! Support
Black Business!
The holidays are here people! It's also a great time for you and yours to get to
the range for some practice.
Cicely Tyson is 92 years old. Radiant beauty more now than ever. Because
black don't crack!
Dear Blacks, you should realize the greatness from which we came. Thus, we
would be more likely to respect each other.
What a beautiful moment between father and daughter.
Sanya Gragg establishes a five-part mantra in her book “Momma, Did You
Hear The News?” to help black Americans remember what to do during a
police encounter.

A - Always use your manners
L - Listen and comply
Vanae James-Bey differs from most Black kids of her age. She’s only 6 but
she’s already Chosen her future. Vanae sees herself as a beacon of
information for people of color. Vanae James-Bey has created a coloring book
which focuses on Black culture.…
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Wow! What a great surprise for young black ballerinas from the south side of
Chicago! We mean it's the greatest surprise ever possible! Misty Copeland is
more than ballerina! She symbolizes black…
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