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Irma Gonzalez was one of six women inducted into the San Diego County
Women's Hall of Fame earlier this month. This is a huge step for a latino
woman in the US. She says: "Diversity on the bench is so important because
the people that come to…
We both fight the same system and we both will win in the future. Indigenous
black Civilisations of America and our Civilisations were ruined by the same
gabachos. And we both are growing in numbers, even whitewashed statistic,
and officials prove…
This is our indigenous land, and we are not going anywhere!
“This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is. And will be again.”

Gloria AnzaIdL'Ja. Source:—
Ah indigenous woman will be running for president of Mexico in 2018. Mexico
hasn't have an indigenous president since Benito Juarez and that was over
130 years ago. The indigenous communities that are part of the National
Indigenous Congress…
Native American history must be taught properly in schools.
History of the USA began from Native History!
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