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Sometimes it takes just a simple gesture, an act of sharing and giving, simply
because you have more than enough.
Bravo to this selfless Chap, He makes some of us smile with adoration.
Bless this Brother

#melaninqueen #dope #beautiful #wakeup…

Of course, many of you will scoff at comparing 49ers quarterback Colin
Kaepernick to Martin Luther King Jr., who also demanded better from America
in 1966. But after all, Kaepernick is a great…
When people haven't got Clean water and it becomes something "funny" for
another group of people simply because they are not affected, makes me sick
in the stomach.

This photo of Ohio State fans mocking Flint water crisis with sign isn't at…
Colin Kaepernick is notjust a talented football player.
He is one of the few who understands the real nature of things.
We are black first of all and only then we are Americans.
So, remember who you really are.

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Kaepernick Clearing the air and stressing on the fact that he spoke about
Castro’s Free Education/Free Universal Health Care initiations, and that he
did not support his oppressive behavior, just like the false headlines been
saying. Kaepernick…
Ronald Glasser, who shot and killed football player, was released today with
NO CHARGES. Do not even try to ask us why we are mad and in shock.
Hi my people! Many of you write to me asking, why most of my videos are so
negative and depressive. And that’s true,
When you have a dream that you sucked at being a quarterback and wake up
and realize that you still suck at being a quarterback
Such a loss!

Will Smith , a former Saints star, was shot and killed in New Orleans. Will’s
wife was wounded during the incident too, but she is alive. It was a road rage
accident and the suspect was arrested and Charged with the…
Colin Kaepernick is no Rosa Parks, who was a victim of segregation. But
Colin Kaepernick is an articulate young man, who refused to show pride in a
flag for a country that continues to gun down innocent black men.
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