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More than 2,000 illegal aliens commit sex assaults every year in Texas alone.
Americans would really feel safer, if the government Closes the borders and
deports all illegal aliens.
America's slowly but surely shifting towards turning into islamic state. Our
president and our government are pro—islamic and don't want America to
believe in our one and only Lord Jesus Christ. Texas will never keep step with

Texas stays…
Whoever doubted her should start to believe that determination based on the
truth of one's "self" is the key to success.

Yes she still looks hot and cute and sexy and much more beautiful than a
million women of all races who put on so many…
Unapologetically melaneted Kings and Queens are powerful together. Join us!
Pan-Afican Roots MOVE
Adelita - only one of the many badass women warriors
Absolutely stunning little baby girl with a beautiful smile straight from the
heart! Children with special needs matter!
We applaud this woman’s dignity and ability cope with ignorance and
indifference of the people. The world is twice prejudiced against her kid, but
we believe, she’s going to win! Madeline Jones, the mother of a little Black
girl with autism tells the…
Unstoppable Black King! Determination is the key to success.
Gorgeous! Strength is your power!
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