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Are you unhappy with our new president his bigoted agenda? Looking for
sweatshirt or hoodie to prove that?

Click the link down below and find a hoodie that‘s just for you. Stop Trump and his bigoted…
Find out how to escape bad credit reports: goo.gllGAerz

A recent study has revealed some surprising differences in credit scores
between African-Americans and Caucasians.

The study showed that Caucasians earning less than $25,000 per year…
Black celebrities star in a distressing new short film titled “Against The Wall.”
New Film Features Black Celebrities As Police Brutality Victims
Hallelujah! Ministering and uniting all Black congregations Worldwide. Join
our non denominational group!
Innocent Jerome Smith has spent 31 years of his life in prison. He must be
brought home. Only you can help him. Please, sign the petition.
I pity anyone who has to deal with neighbors in an apartment building.
Especially when you have to deal with the complaining and passive-
aggressive types. Oh, and let’s not forget gentrifiers. Or, as I like to call them,
“white migrators.”…
Supporting and developing BIack-owned Businesses is the key to raising our
Come Check out our page, Uniting Black people worldwide!
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