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On April 28th, Terrance Kellom was fatally shot by police in front of his father
at their Remember Terrance Kellom
Think of all little boys and girls who can lose or have already lost their
fathers... God bless our troops! We are forever grateful! Home of the Brave.
Support our Veterans! Please, repost it you like and don't forget to tag me!
Follow the link.…
Event in loving memory of Terrance Kellom killed in front of his family by the
ICE officer Mitchell Quinn. On April 28th, Terrance Kellom was fatally shot by
police in front of his father at their home on Evergreen. No Charges were filed
If you say you don't need badges, it means you don't need your safety and
confidence! Click Learn More! Support The Police Libelibe
Today is a good day to honor our Navy forces. 72 years ago our ships took
part in operation “overlord”, landing our forces in Europe. We can’t say we
have brilliant commandership now, but our soldiers are as brave as our
grandfathers were.

We should not only strengthen our geographical boundaries but also our
cultural. Like us!
This short video shows the bloody scuffle that took place during the forceful
arrest of a homeless man Terre Johnson.

SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE, if you believe #BlaCkLivesMatter !

Full story: http://goo.g
All people have to understand that the police service is exactly like a secret
gay Club, the reason being that no one knows what goes on inside there even
if it’s evident. There’s a kind of code of silence, even if you saw something or
just know…
Clinton said the United States needs to confront the ‘systematic racism’ in its
law enforcement efforts. We’re sick of politicians organizing and leading the
systematical propaganda against our police. It is unfair and vilely to accuse

our heroes of…
Alton Sterling, an innocent 37-year-old Black male, was outrageously
executed by two Baton Justice For Alton Sterling
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