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Our page is the living evidence of importance of police reform in America.
Watch The Police
Here you can see guy was harassed for allegedly having a bottle of alcohol in
his University dorm room. Pigs forced their way into the room without his
consent and opened the fridge. When they didn't find alcohol (there was just
ranch dressing) they…
This 17-year-old girl refused to put away her lollipop and a bag of chips in the
New York Metro. Food is prohibited in New York Metro. Cops decided not to
take her food away. Look what they did instead of this. After the incident

police didn't…
On the video you see Brinkley Police Department Chief Edward Randle
driving his car more than 100 miles per hour to the football game.
He is pulled over by cops. They realize that they stopped their chief, so they
just laughed together and let their…
What the fuck.
President Obama stated that he would wait several weeks more to see what

happens. Okay. He'sjust going to finish his careerwithout doing thisjob. It
could be a great Chapter of his political biography, but he Chose to be lame
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