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Everyday gives us a Chance for a fresh start. Forget about your past. Start
fresh and achieve your dream!
Kids learn by parents' example. Give them the good one!
80 proud of these young Kings! It's heartwarming to see images like this.
Don't forget that educations were once a privilege that Black people didn't
have. Our grandparents were fighting to have the Chance to study. Don't
waste this opportunity. It's…
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#YaraShahidi applied to Harvard, among other schools. She plans to double
major in African American studies and sociology after a gap year.
Finally, Black people are recognized in a Hollywood. By the way,"Get Out"
has now grossed over $100,000,000 while it took $4.5M to create.
This girl will prove to everyone how great Black people are! You go, girl!
Did you know that?! People try to sabotage this truth, by saying it's a lie, but
we all know that white people cannot just handle the fact that Black inventors
did a huge contribution to the world's culture.
It's so unique and inventive. I guess, we can expect white girls trying to wear
this pretty soon.
Unapologetically melaneted Kings and Queens are powerful together. Join us!
Pan-Afican Roots MOVE
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