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JOIN our #HiIlaryCIintonForPrison2016 .Take a photo (you may use just a list
of paper, or write it on the wall or whatever) and send it DM! Please support
us, we really try to make America better! Our followers are going to make their
TAG YOUR PHOTOS WITH #TXagainst Send us the reason why don't you
want illegals in Texas.
Comments, photos, and videos are welcomed!
This is the way our Children have to be raised. It's not the promotion of
violence. It's the promotion of confidence and the ability to defend yourself.
Follow us if this video makes you proud!
Do you support Trump? Wanna #MakeAmericaGreatAgain? Wanna see your
kid on our account? Take pictures, make videos, send them to us via DM or
tag #KIDS4TRUMP and we'll make a patriotic team of young Trump
supporters here! I'm sure it'll be great!

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