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Texas is a free and independent State All political power is inherent in the
people they have at all times the inalienable right to alter their government
in such manner as they might think proper.

Texas Constitution. 1876
America's slowly but surely shifting towards turning into islamic state. Our
president and our government are pro—islamic and don't want America to
believe in our one and only Lord Jesus Christ. Texas will never keep step with

Texas stays…
Austin’s Robert E. Lee Elementary school has a new name: Russell Lee. The
Austin School Board voted 8-1 to Change the name Monday night.The school
board had three name options from which to Choose: Russell Lee, a
photographer from the school’s…
Hillary Clinton has a 69 percent disapproval rate among all veterans. Indeed,
there are many reasons for it. First of all, Benghazi: four people died on her
watch and she did not send help. Secondly, Hillary refused to apologize to all
veterans, when…
ONLY TWO DAYS before the Secession Rally.
Let's make it HUGE! Join the rally here

Download hiih resolution banners to irint them out here
They came for the Children, but I had no small Children so I didn't stand up.
They came for the ranchers, but I'm not a rancher so I didn't stand up. They
came for the guns, but I don't have any guns so I didn't stand up. They came
after the people…
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