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Keep on whining and crying for your president, ooh, who wasn't elected.
Imma take care of my kids.

I'll keep grinding for them, to make sure the get the best education.
To ensure they dress well and eat healthy food.
And I'm gon tell you to do the…
End the whining and crying, end the riots with these same white
people(democrats), who will not march with you when your son, daughter or
loved one gets shot for being Black.

I opted out of the elections and i had many Black people all up in my…
Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on
Tuesday! Today some massive crowds of libtards marched in NYC against
election of Donald Trump.

Come to Trump Tower (725 5th Ave) on Saturday to show Mr. Trump there
Are you ready for anti-Trump meetups?
Are you ready to voice your concerns?

Click here to get prepaired!
#NotMyPresident STOP TRUMP! STOP RACISM! Buying these t—shirts you

donate to the events against hate and racism. #NotMyPresident BM
Father of the mentally ill Black man killed in the El Cajon shooting last month,
Richard Olango, has established a police-reform foundation. El Cajon
Shooting: Father of Alfred Olango Sets Up Foundation
People are genuinely scared for their futures!
Racism won, Ignorance won, Sexual assault won

12 PM

Bring signs, snacks, water! Trump is NOT my President
Fellow Texans! It's time to say a strong NO to the establishment robbers. It is
unacceptable for us to see them ruin all we've been building for decades. For
centuries. The establishment thinks they can treat us like stupid sheep but
they are…
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