IlyaPlease join us at MITH on Tuesday, January 20th at 11am for a presentation by Ilya Kreymer about his work on web archiving tools. Ilya’s open-source pywb software allows for high-quality replay (browsing) of archived web data stored in standardized ARC and WARC file formats. It is similar in principle to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, but is distinguished by its ability to accurately replay complex dynamic sites, including video and audio content.

Ilya has worked recently with Harvard University to help integrate pywb into their service. enables authors, and publishers to selectively archive Web content. He is currently working with Rhizome, a non-profit affiliated with the New Museum in New York City, to help them archive highly dynamic digital art on the Web. You can read more about this work in a recent New York Times article about the project. Ilya has also worked to integrate pywb with WarcBase which is a Hadoop based storage system for web archives created by UMD’s Jimmy Lin. Ilya previously worked as an engineer at the Internet Archive.

We expect this to be part demo, part technical discussion about pywb and web archiving in general. Please feel free to help us spread the word by disseminating this link to interested members of the community. Also, if you have a laptop bring it so you can try out some live web archiving.