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Former MITH Associate Director Doug Reside, now Digital Curator for the Performing Arts at the New York Public Library, was recently covered by Jennifer Schuessler in “Tale of the Floppy Disks: How Jonathan Larsen Created ‘Rent'” on The New York Times Arts Beat blog. The article highlights Doug’s research on musical theatre preservation, specifically the curation of the 189 floppy disks left behind by Jonathan Larsen, creator of Rent.

When he’s not rummaging through stacks of floppy disks, Doug is leading the encoding and documentation of Music Theatre Online, a digital archive of texts, images, video, and audio files relating to early musical theatre, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. To learn more about Doug’s work, follow @dougreside on Twitter or read his posts on the NYPL blog.

Well done, Doug!

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