Session I: Previewing MITH’s Teach Ins for #BlackLivesMatter at #UMD

Previewing MITH’s Teach Ins for #BlackLivesMatter at #UMD

This first session is a reconvening of our Ferguson constituency, comprising faculty and students who attended one of the two first sessions in October and December at MITH, or who expressed interest separately. We will also be inviting others who might be interested to join us. The discussions that took place at both prior events allowed us to synthesize your input and stated research interests in this topic, which we used to begin planning for several ongoing MITH Digital Humanities Incubator sessions that will occur throughout February 2015 as part of Black History Month, and possibly beyond. These sessions will constitute MITH’s contribution to the University of Maryland teach-ins occurring throughout campus in Spring 2015. In this first session on January 27th, MITH will begin by reviewing previous discussions and outcomes and then we will discuss our plans for the following future sessions, inviting further feedback from the group