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The Digital Humanities has a diverse and engaged community representing humanities, computing, information science, librarianship, cultural heritage work. Through our collaboration with DSAH and AADHum, MITH is developing resources and materials to enhance teaching with digital tools. We are creating MITH courses focused on critical engagement with digital tools and methods. With these efforts, MITH is expanding our support for faculty and students engaged in teaching, learning, and research.

We invite you to join our community of scholars, students, researchers, and innovators as we explore the intersections of computing and the humanities.

DH Faculty Teaching Group

The DH Faculty Teaching group will develop resources and support for faculty utilizing digital approaches and platforms. Creating a space to share expertise, workshop assignments, and develop course materials, MITH invites you to join our faculty peer-to-peer group focused on teaching with digital tools and methods.

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MITH supports the work of emerging undergraduate digital humanities scholars through internships. With the guidance of MITH staff, interns have the time and mentorship to learn new skills as they contribute to ongoing MITH projects. Interns will explore advanced applied computational humanities, and contribute to the intellectual programming of MITH.

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At present, MITH offers one fellowship opportunity, the Winnemore Digital Humanities Dissertation Fellowship Program, which is awarded every other year. The Clara and Robert Vambery Distinguished Professor of Comparative Studies award is offered by the Comparative Literature Department, with MITH as a collaborator. Those candidates selected for the Vambery Distinguished Professorship who propose projects involving digital media are eligible to become MITH Vambery Fellows.

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